Re: pygtk version


On 16 November 2013 20:09, Rudra Banerjee <bnrj rudra gmail com> wrote:
do pygtk still use gtk2.x? The tutorial in pygtk shows, that is the case
( ).

yes: pygtk is GTK+ 2.x, Python 2.x only and it's not maintained any more.

GTK+ 3.x is wrapped through introspection by pygobject.

Though I have found another site (non gnome, ) I am still to
find the official gnome document, ala pygtk.

there is no "official" API reference: you're supposed to use the C API
reference until we can generate documentation for non-C languages from
the same introspection data.

the tutorial you link, alongside the beginner tutorials available on[0] are as "official" as you can get.




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