Re: [systemd-devel] [PATCH 0/4] [RFC v1] gdbus: Preliminary kdbus-support patches

On Thu, 21.11.13 12:33, Karol Lewandowski (k lewandowsk samsung com) wrote:

Haven't looked at the actual patch, just two comments for now.

 - This patchset adds ability for glib programs to connect
   to kdbus busses via


Note that libsystemd-bus only acceptes "kernel:" here for this, and I am pretty
sure we shouldn't allow the ambiguity here. Stick to one.

 - Library modifications are not all, it's required to have
   service handling org.freedesktop.DBus requests in userspace.

   Currently we use modified[3] dbus-daemon to for that

Daniel has been working on adding this service to systemd.

Before we consider this for merging into gio, we need to figure out what
to speak "on the wire". i.e. Ryan wants us to marshal exclusively to
GVariant on kdbus, and I am on the same page with him on that, but I'd
first need to beef up the marshaller in libsystemd-bus to speak both
traditional dbus1 and gvariant marshalling.

If you want libdbus-1 to also talk kdbus then libdbus-1 would also need code
for gvariant natively. That said, systemd will provide a compat bridge
that speaks the old protocol and remarshalls in both directions.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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