Re: RFC: Popovers

Hi Carlos,

thanks for working on this ! I've now played with your branch a bit, and think that it looks generally fine - I'd like to see a subsurface-based implementation for Wayland, just to verify that we'll be able to support this across backends.

Here are some quick observations from playing with your testcases:

- Your popovers with entries in them are not in the focus chain. There's no way to keynav into them.

- With csd, the popovers can actually extend beyond toplevel - only as far as the shadow / invisible borders allow it. Not a problem, I'd say.

- There's a behaviour difference wrt to grabs between csd and non-csd - dragging a window by the titlebar breaks the grab in the csd case, causing popovers to disappear. This is probably a difference we'll have to live with.

- A funny with csd and window-dragging: try it with GTK_TEST_TOUCHSCREEN - the selection handles are left behind. Probably a csd regression independent of popovers.

- Something also broke wrt to mnemonics in the popover: I see _Cut C_opy _Paste in the ui

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