GObject Introspection Enum details

Hi guys


I am trying to use GIRepository (version 1.38) to retrieve Enumeration details and I'm wondering how to retrieve C-name of Enum. For example, I have GIEnumInfo instance for GBookmarkFileError (https://developer.gnome.org/glib/2.38/glib-Bookmark-file-parser.html#GBookmarkFileError).

Calling g_base_info_get_name gives me BookmarkFileError, not GBookmarkFileError.

After looking at *.gir file contents for GLib, I've found that required value is stored in c:type attribute:


<enumeration name="BookmarkFileError"






so I expected to be able to get the name using g_base_info_get_attribute, however, checking available attributes with g_base_info_iterate_attributes produced no results. Code used to check attributes (no attribute names/values are printed):


// print available attributes, taken from GIRepository manual page

void print_attributes(GIBaseInfo *info)


GIAttributeIter iter = { 0, };

char * name;

char * value;

while (g_base_info_iterate_attributes (info, &iter, &name, &value)) {

g_print ("attribute name: %s value: %s", name, value);




int main(int argc, char ** argv)


GIRepository *repo = g_irepository_get_default();

g_irepository_require(repo, "GLib", NULL, 0, NULL);

gint count = g_irepository_get_n_infos(repo, "GLib");

// find first enum

int i;

GIBaseInfo * info = NULL;

for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {

info = g_irepository_get_info(repo, "GLib", i);

GIInfoType type = g_base_info_get_type(info);

if (type == GI_INFO_TYPE_ENUM) break;



const gchar * name = g_base_info_get_name(info);

printf("Enum: %s\n", name);



return 0;


Could you please advise on how is it possible to get C-type name for enum (e.g. GBookmarkFileError).

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