Re: GtkEntry & GtkTextView: Remove the Unicode and input method menus - Why ???

The fact that these settings exist shows that we were not happy with
these menus for a long time. But introducing a setting like that is
the worst possible way to deal with a problematic UI. Not only does it
bifurcate the user experience, but also the test matrix, and increases
the support cost.

Why were these menus problematic UI ?

- Lets start with the basics: sub-menus are not very usable to, and
sub-menus in a context menu even more so.

- Both menus are full of special terminology: LRM, LRE, ZWJ, WTF.

- The functionality of the input method menu is superseded by
system-wide input frameworks, such as IBus. Desktop shells can be
expected to provide nicely integrated input method switching nowadays
(such as the Super-space osd of gnome-shell).

- We probably do need some replacement for the Unicode menu. See
for some initial research into that.

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