Expand the child in the GtkHeaderBar

Good afternoon!

I wrote a program that uses in GtkHeaderBar [1].
In the GtkHeaderBar I put a buttons (GtkButton) and also entry (GtkEntry):
entry-without-expand.png [2]:
|<>| |--- entry ---|                                               | X

I tried to expand the entry which is in haderbar, see something like this:
entry-with-expand-gimp-editor.png [3]:
|<>| |--------------------- entry ---------------------| | X

To expand, I tired use the following functions:
gtk_widget_set_vexpand (entry, TRUE); /* It does nothing, not expand! */
g_object_set (entry, "expand", TRUE, NULL); /* It also does nothing, not expand */
It does not work!

There is a way to expand the entry in headerbar?

I do it so that to port the toolbar in nautilus (NautilusToolbar) to headerbar.

[1] attached: main.c or:

[2] attached: entry-without-expand.png or:

[3] attached: entry-with-expand-gimp-editor.png or:

‏Yosef Or Boczko

Attachment: entry-with-expand-gimp-editor.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: entry-without-expand.png
Description: PNG image

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