Re: Stable, long term support releases for gtk+

On 3 January 2013 09:26, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> wrote:
> I think it would be good to have the same policy for GTK+ and maybe
> GLib. this means:
>   â identifying the current branch of GTK+ 3.x being used by "stable"
> distributions (Ubuntu LTS, OpenSuse, RHEL, Debian stable);
>   â finding a maintainer in charge of getting the patches from
> distributors and maintainers, integrating them, and spinning releases.
> the commonly used release of GTK+ 3.x seems to be 3.4, at least for
> Debian and Ubuntu.

Yes, if the GTK/GNOME projects would do LTS releases, it would make
things much nicer for distros. It would be good if a targetted LTS
release were coordinated and announced in advance as I believe the LTS
distros would work to ship that version. This time, Debian & Ubuntu
went with 3.4 but Red Hat intends to use 3.6. I don't think either 3.4
nor 3.6 were very ideal as I believe both release cycles tended
towards aggressive refactoring instead of stability and polishing what
was already there.


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