Re: Problems with un-owned objects passed to closures in pygobject (gtk_cell_renderer_text_start_editing)

On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 5:49 AM, Giovanni Campagna
<scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
> I know that Python doesn't have a GC in the traditional sense, but you
> could still send finalization for GObject wrappers to a idle callback
> so there is no risk of finalizing objects that C code assumes are
> still alive.

That doesn't sound like a very safe workaround to me.

There are situations where a lot of code can run without the mainloop
ever becoming idle, while running a ClutterTimeline is one of those
cases (or at least I've observed that idle callbacks dont generally
get called while a ClutterTimeline is playing, perhaps they do with
an ultra high priority).

Another thing to consider is that not all code written with the glib
stack is actually reactive & event based, code that does not run
a mainloop will risk blowing up in size quickly, possibly attaining
out of memory conditions unnecessarily if the code happens to
be highly recursive.


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