Re: Rather evil crasher in 3.6.3

> Apparently GTK 3.6.3 contains a small bugfix that causes a rather
> severe crasher. It happens at least whenever you try to measure the
> size of a combobox, but there's probably other callers of
> gtk_style_context_get_font() that fall into this particular trap. And
> because a lot of applications use GtkComboBox, a lot of applications
> are now instantly crashing.
> The bug reference is
> and the fix can be found attached there and committed to the gtk-3-6
> branch as
> I haven't talked to Matthias about it, but I think we want to do a
> quick 3.6.4 release to fix this. Distributions that have already
> upgraded to 3.6.3 want to quickly apply the patch, others should
> probably skip 3.6.3 and wait for 3.6.4.
> Fwiw, the testsuite should have caught this particular bug -
> tests/reftests/inherit-and-initial.ui was SEGVing - but that must
> have
> slipped through the cracks somehow. We should make sure that if we do
> builds and tests, we also do them for git stable, because that branch
> seems to be very rarely run before it's released, so messups like
> these don't get noticed.

Not sure what went wrong with distcheck; in any case, 3.6.4 has been released now.

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