Re: Stable, long term support releases for gtk+

hi Ross;

On 3 January 2013 15:31, Ross Burton <ross burtonini com> wrote:
>> it seems that GLib 2.32 is the version used by Ubuntu and Debian, so
>> if we go for an LTS cycle for GLib as well as GTK+, the glib-2-32
>> branch would be the one used as the baseline.
> FWIW, the current Yocto Project release (1.3) has GLib 2.32.4 and GTK+
> 2.24.8.  In git for 1.4 we've currently got GLib 2.34.3 and GTK+
> 2.24.14, and I'm currently preparing the long-delayed inclusion of
> GTK+ 3.6.2.

how long is the long term support for Yocto? because if you include
3.6 now, you'll need to have a LTS only for you, along with 3.4, which
is definitely *not* my goal. unless you guys resync in the next cycle,
which would suck. :-/



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