Re: Client side decorations

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 1:31 PM, Rob Bradford <robert bradford intel com> wrote:
Against and in the
branch wip/csd-for-review i've posted a set of patches that condenses
the work that myself and Kristian have done to try and implement
support for client side decorations for GTK+. The main goal has been
to enable the use of GTK+ against Wayland but one of the patches
allows you to use this against existing platforms too by setting an
environment variable.

My understanding is that Wayland itself does not prevent you from
doing server-side decoration. Do you mean that the Wayland compositor
intended for use with GNOME does not support server-side decoration?
Or am I missing something? I don't mean to criticize, I am just
There are plenty if reasons to want CSD, I am just surprised that
Wayland is part of it.



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