Re: Some shortcomings in gtestutils

On 21/02/13 11:42, Nicola Fontana wrote:
* There is no way to do a make check while cross-compiling, by
  using wine for example.

If you're on a Linux distribution whose Wine packaging sets up
binfmt_misc to run Windows executables through Wine (Debian does), then
this works:

    chmod +x notepad.exe

and if that works, then in principle so does 'make check'. In practice
it probably won't, until you apply suitable workarounds (like scattering
$(EXEEXT) throughout the regression tests).

I've used this to sanity-check a cross-compiled D-Bus: not all of the
tests pass like this yet, but some do (which came as quite a surprise, tbh).

Similarly, if you have QEMU "user mode" binaries like qemu-arm (as
opposed to qemu-system-arm) set up via binfmt_misc, in principle it
ought to be possible to run a 'make check' for a foreign Linux
architecture. This probably works better if you have a
Debian/Ubuntu-style multiarch setup (where e.g. ARM libraries are
/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/*.so.* whether they're native or foreign), or
if you have a chroot containing foreign libraries, native build tools,
and qemu for binfmt_misc.


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