Re: glib-mkenums in glib 2

On 4 Jan 2013, at 10:49, Matthew Brush wrote:

From the last few messages on this thread, it kind of sounds like your module search path is not set up 
correctly, that is, Python doesn't know where to look to import your modules/packages (try 
"print(sys.path)" to see which paths I mean). There's good docs about this on (as well as all 
kinds of other excellent docs/tuts).

Hi guys,

I suppose everyone's probably forgotten all about this by now - so to recap...

I was trying to use Visual Studio to do a complete build of libglib, including the various perl and python 
scripts such as 'glib-mkenums' and 'gdbus-codegen'.  glib-mkenums eventually got solved but I couldn't build 
gdbus-codegen (which needs Python).  My builds were consistently failing at lines which looked like this:-

from  .  import  <something>

A few people suggested changing those lines to a simplified version:-

import <something>

but initial tests didn't look good, so I gave up.  But yesterday I came across this thread at StackOverflow 
which gave me some further information to consider:-

and finally, after a lot of patience I've just managed to make the build work!  It does seem to be a problem 
with paths and I'm not yet sure what the minimum changes are.  However, if anyone's still interested, I'll 
simplify it as much as I can and post the solution here sometime.


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