This is really confusing me. I made a theme engine for GTK+ 3.0. But
then upgrading GTK+ (to 3.2 I think it was) all borders disappeared.
And nothing has changed since then so I decided to look into
it. Apparently gtk_theming_engine_get_border() always return zero
borders. But gtk_theming_engine_get_padding() and
gtk_theming_engine_get_margin() still work fine. Sample CSS-file I've
tried with:

        border: 1px;
        padding: 1px;
        margin: 1px;

Some say I should use "border-width" instead of "border", but the
result is the same. Have I triggered some strange bug or am I doing
something wrong? The render_background method of the theme engine is
supposed to call gtk_theming_engine_get_border() to get the desired
border width, right? Looking at the code of other theme engines it
seems they are doing the same thing, but I never seen anyone else
with this issue. Should I file a bug along with sample code?

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