GtkGlArea port to GTK+3 : RFYC

Hi folks, I recently needed a cross-platform way to display an OpenGL context in a GTK+3 Window ; I checked Gnome-Chess to get example, but it uses GLX directly (doesn't work or native Mac OSX nor Win32). There used to be a GtkGLArea library for GTK+2, wasn't ported though. So I have put up a set of (still ugly, but improving) patches to GtkGLArea for GTK+ 3 : Screenshot on Win32: So it kinda works. I'd like to submit it on Bugzilla, but before I try : is gtkglarea the way to go ? OK to upgrade lib version from 2.X.X to 3.X.X ? Better work with Clutter-COGL-GTK3 ? Any feedback appreciated.

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