Re: regarding GtkIconView

Maybe I should also point out that, when the ScrolledWindow containing
the referred IconView has the Horizontal ScrollBar Policy set to 'NEVER'
the window won't be resized to a width lesser than that of the IconView,
that is: the IconView won't shrink to less width than it needs to
accommodate the icons contained by it, even while having sufficient
height to push them 'down'.

El lun, 22-04-2013 a las 15:52 -0400, D.H. Bahr escribió:

   GTK+'s test cases seem to show that this is working properly at
in recent versions.

It IS true that I'm working with version 3.4.2 under an 'ubuntu 12.04'
similar distro. Might this be the issue?

Make sure you haven't done something like explicitly setting the
property of the icon view, 

I've not (I am creating the interface with Glade and off course building
it with GtkBuilder). Maybe I should mention that I'm coding using Python
2.7 not pure C.

and it should relayout the icons to fit as many
columns as possible (adding width should result in more columns).

And yet is not working...



Thanks for your time.

PS: Perhaps gtk-app-devel-list gnome org is a better venue for
questions related to using GTK+ apis.

I'll take this into consideration, thanks again.

Best regards
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