Windows 32/64bit downloads and/or bundles for 2.x and 3.x

Hello all,

I was approached by Berke Viktor today and asked to include the site:

On the GTK+ Win32/Win64 pages on

I thought I would bring it up here for discussion.
This is for v2.x only at this point.

I've CCed Berke because he is not on the mailing list and sadly isn't interested in joining, so don't forget to reply-all ;)

Berke insists he is interested in continuing maintenance of this site though.


Just to be clear, I have no problem adding this to, but my goal here is not to confuse end user/developers who want a win32/win64 build with multiple different hosted downloads. It doesn't look like _we_ the community are doing it if we do that and it's not a clear consistent well formed message either IMO.

I am also aware of the bundles work that Tarnyko has been doing and am interested to know how that relates here. At this stage the fact that work is for GTK+ 3.x is the only main difference I can see from my quick look.

In an ideal world, the goal would be to merge ALL works from Tarnyko, Berke and what we already have on the site into something that's well documented and clear to people wanting to use GTK+ 2.x and 3.x on Windows 32 and 64 bit.

I am especially interested in hearing from Tarnyko on this since he has been pushing the win32 bundles for GTK+ 3.x lately. Including in this bug, which I'm in the process of working on with him:



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