Re: Language Bindings for GTK+ 3.2 (on website)

On 18/09/12 11:36, Andrew wrote:
On 09/17/2012 07:07 AM, Martyn Russell wrote:
Hello all,

So, I was checking these are up to date after Mathieu Dupuy asked me
to update the D language bindings.

I have added a GTK+ 3.2 column now and continued the 3.0 binding
progress for each case.

PLEASE let me know if any status has changed here for your language
bindings out there. I can update accordingly.

There are bindings for 3.4 for Pascal:

Done, thanks. If there is support for 3.0 and 3.2, let me know, I only updated 3.4 at this point.


Founder and CEO of Lanedo GmbH.

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