On 17 September 2012 01:38, Lanoxx <lanoxx gmx net> wrote:
> Hi Javier,


>> If you want to use intltool, you have 2 options: remove the gettext
>> macros or keep them and add something like this to your
>> autopoint --force
>> AUTOPOINT='intltoolize --automake --copy' autoreconf -ivs
> thanks a lot for these comments. That makes it a lot more clear. It would be
> awesome if these explanations could be included into the API Docs [1]. I'm
> curious, what are the reasons that the glib-gettext macros were never
> deprecated? If they should not be used, then a deprecation warning would be
> quite useful.
> [1]

I laready submit a bug to deprecate some time ago [1]
Also to port GLib to upstream gettext [2], but as you see in the
comments there are some problems about how upstream gettext update the
po files
I sent a mail to gettext mailing list [3] about this but seems that It
was ignored, maybe you have more luck ;)



Javier Jardón Cabezas

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