Re: Infinite List

There was a useful thread last December about gtktreeview performance with large data sets:

It included this very nice example of making a treeview with a custom model:

You need to add this line of code after creating the columns (this was the bug the thread solved):
gtk_tree_view_set_fixed_height_mode (GTK_TREE_VIEW (list), TRUE);

On Thursday, September 13, 2012, Nick Glynn wrote:
Hey guys,

I'm writing an app that shows information from a website - a similar app to Pattrn for Android but for Gnome- but don't want to have all data/images downloaded and present before the app starts.

What's the best widget/method to implement an Infinite List[1] style mechanism using Gtk where more data requests are fired either by a reload gesture/button or, preferably, by exposing the bottom of the list?



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