Re: compiler optimization causing issues with glib

On 05/25/2012 11:14 PM, Mike wrote:
> Unfortunately, I just managed to get this error to trigger now even
> with the optimization changes, which is probably good -- I'd like to
> trust the compiler!  In any case, is there a document anywhere that
> describes the different threads that glib sets up?  As far as I can
> tell, there are 2 threads in all of my glib applications.  This
> application uses gdbus and upon a method call, calls g_spawn_async
> followed by g_child_watch_add.  As far as I'm concerned it is supposed
> to be single threaded.  So, I'd like to know what is expected of the
> various threads and why they exist in my otherwise single-threaded
> application.

gdbus creates a worker thread. Not sure if this is explicitly
documented, but it is talked about all over the place in the GDBus*
documentation. Like this page:



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