Re: g_filename_to_uri() issue in glib-win32

On 23 May 2012, at 08:57, David Nečas wrote:

> This is nonsense.  Percent-encoding consists of % followed by *two*
> hexadecimal digits and encodes *bytes*
Thanks David - are we at crossed purposes here?  %F6 does consist of % followed by two hexadecimal digits and it does encode a single byte.

> If things worked as you suggest you would not be able to encode any
> codepoint larger than 255 and the entire thing would be pretty useless.

Not really.  I'm suggesting that codepoint 246 is less than codepoint 255 and can therefore be encoded as a single triple (I'm not sure about other systems but Windows definitely seems to expect this).  In the example I gave ("Göran") the correct encoding for "ö" seems to be U+00F6 in everything other than UTF-8.


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