Re: [Vala] custom widget and File observer


On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 08:18 -0400, D.H. Bahr wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I'm working on a teaching exercise: implementing a LifeStream
> application (for those not aware: LifeStream is an alternative for the
> desktop metaphor; more info can be found on the book 'Beyond the
> Desktop
> Metaphor' published by MIT Press). 


> The application would consist solely on a "Stream Browser" providing
> access to (and only to) user own files, that is: all files within the
> user dirs (e.g: Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Public, Download
> and
> Home directories, recursively off course).
> Since I don't intent to create a full working environment (yet), but
> only a "stream" browser I have come to an issue: how to ensure files
> not
> "processed" within the application (that is files copied/created using
> other file browsers or the command line shell) are included
> effectively
> on the stream data structure. My current bet is placed on the idea I
> can
> create an Observer daemon which is somehow notified that any file on
> the
> specific 'observed' directories has been accessed. Is this even
> possible?? 

I think that gio has what are you looking for.
Read here:!api=gio-2.0/GLib.FileMonitor


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