Re: GTK+ 3.4.0 released -> windows binaries available?

2012/4/25 Anders Broman <anders broman ericsson com>:
> Hi,
>>* This is the first version of GTK+ 3 that works
>>  well on Windows. Official builds of GTK+ 3.4.0 for
>>  Windows are expected in the near future
> Any information on when the near future is here :-))
> It would be really interesting to try it out - any news on ETA or problems encountered? Or where more information can be found?
> It would also be nice to know if win64 builds are expected too.

An alternative to waiting for the official builds is to use the
cross-compiled binaries from the OpenSUSE Build Service. There is an
up-to-date gtk3 package:

Binaries can be directly downloaded from:
Or with the help of a small utility script:

I just updated the package to 3.4.2 (was 3.4.0), so give it another 24
hours to compile and sync everything, and you should find the latest
version ready for download.
There's also a corresponding mingw64 package for win64.


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