Re: linking to libgirepository_internals.a

Hi Mike,

On Tue, 2012-03-20 at 21:42 +0100, Mike Dupont wrote:

> Trying to add tests to the gobject-introspection test suite to cover
> more of the functions and learn about the code. wanted to create a
> simple test to create an object from the libgirepository_internals.a
> but having problems linking, wondering if anyone can give me some
> advice on this ?

I'm glad you're interested in adding tests.

> CCLD   gitestenum

I suggest using "make V=1" so you can actually see what's going on.

> ../../.libs/libgirepository-internals.a(libgirepository_internals_la-girnode.o): In         function `_g_ir_node_get_full_size_internal':
> gobject-introspection/girepository/girnode.c:629: undefined reference to         `g_type_tag_to_string' looks like this may actually be a latent bug in the requires
symbols from but doesn't have it in LIBADD.

There's actually a circular dependency between them, which doesn't
matter when installed because the -internals library just gets folded
into the main .so, but it does matter when linking uninstalled.

The best thing would probably be to fold them all into

I'll do this after 3.4 is out.

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