Re: CSS box model-gtk containers integration

Benjamin Otte wrote:
> Peter Hurley <peter <at>> writes:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Is there a plan for implementing the CSS box model into existing
> > containers?
> > 
> Yes, the idea is to support the full CSS box model and only the CSS box model.
> Widget style properties will go away. No idea how long that will take though.

Ok. My question was more aimed at finding out what the first steps in
that migration might look like.

GtkAlignment is a simple example. It has 3 basic object properties:
 - padding
 - child offset
 - child scale

So does the next iteration of GtkAlignment that implements the CSS box
A) maintain the existing object properties for compatibility and express
the box model on top of that?
B) additionally expose the child offset and child scale as special CSS
C) do away with the object properties cruft and implement GtkAlignment
solely in terms of CSS properties?
D) implement a draw handler and render a background and a frame?

Also, where would be the appropriate place for candidate submissions?
Here on this list or through bugzilla?

Peter Hurley

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