Hi GTK maintainers,
                            Following up on my patch to add addition print settings. The patch has been reviewed and I have changed it to git commit format. It would be great if one of the gtk maintainers could do a final review and possibly commit.


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Sent: Saturday, 3 March 2012 11:00 PM
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Hi Guys,
To make setting output directory and filename simpler in the Print To
File dialog in gtk applications I have made a patch to be able to set
these two settings individually in conjunction with the existing
output file format setting.

This patch will reduce
the code needed to implement a better name than "output.pdf"
and actually makes more sense than the existing setting
GTK_PRINT_SETTINGS_OUTPUT_URI which doesn't work seamlessly with the
output file format setting like the new settings do.

I have had the first
version of my patch reviewed by Lars Uebernickel from? and I
have made some small improvements and fixed a problem with the patch
not applying to head.

I would greatly
appreciate it if someone with the authority commit this can review it
and give me some feedback.

Thanks for your time,
P.S The idea for these new settings was first suggested by the
gedit devs see bug:

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