gtk+-2.20.10, gdk-pixbuf-2.24.1 OpenWrt install fail



I am attempting to update to more modern versions of gtk+ for OpenWrt (target-x86_64_glibc-2.13).


Question #1: Have I selected the correct versions, end of life for gtk+2, just prior to gtk+3?


Question #2:  Both packages xcompile OK, but install fails with:


“bin/install: missing file operand” whether I use libtool, autoconf or autoreconf


It seems to be an autoconf/reconfigure problem, and googling “install: missing file operand” unhelpful.


Anyone willing to take a look at this?


I have placed the build logs online, search bin/install for failure:


You will note, at the end of logs, an attempt to work around this by copying the binaries into the package. Also bin/install has been replaced by a wrapper script to capture cmdline. In several calls, no parameters, hence “missing file operand”


Also, am able to provide ssh access to build system and collaborate with someone who wants to take a serious look at this, in addition to additional information. Hopefully, it is a simple problem.



Bill Ross

rossb residing at




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