gtk-doc introspection annotations to support optional types

I am working on GTK bindings for Standard ML (really) and, as any self-respecting functional programmer would, trying to ensure that conceptually optional values have option types. (Then type checking prevents an optional value being erroneously treated as a non-optional value.) This requires us to know where optional values can occur.

For reasons given in
annotations don't capture whether a return value or exported (out) parameter value can be null, so it isn't possible to determine automatically when an option type should be used for a scalar value.

I seem to recall reading recently that there was some plan to stabilize the annotations. It would be nice to get all the 'nullability' information in there before the annotations interface becomes hard to change.

One further consideration is whether nullability annotations should be extended to lists and other conceptually non-scalar types? (A separate type for non-empty lists can have similar benefits.)


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