Re: what is Broadway structure and theory

On 03/07/2012 08:02 PM, subhero wrote:
> I'm very interested in Broadway, but the material very little about
> BroadwayŁ¬even GTK +'s official website also did not mention this
> knowledge, I really want to know about the structure and principle of
> the Broadway, and what role was it play in GTK+.

Broadway is a GDK implementation that draws to a HTML5 canvas.  From
what I understand, the backend creates a little web service that when
you browse to it in a compatible browser, displays the contents of the
app's GDK windows in the browser window.

GDK is a drawing, windowing, and event abstraction that is ported to
backends such as X11 (xcb to be specific I think), Win32, Quartz on OS
X, HTML5, and soon Wayland.  GTK apps run on top of this.

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