Re: Return type "(allow-none)" annotations?

On Wed, 2012-03-07 at 02:48 +0000, Phil Clayton wrote:

> Various questions spring to mind:
>    - Have the return type null-ok/allow-none attributes
>      really been forgotten for so long or is there some
>      reason behind their omission?

>    - Is anyone currently working on adding them?  (Perhaps
>      optimistic, but 3.2.3 was showing promising signs!)

I think there's been some work in various modules in that
direction, yes.

>    - Is it worth me adding them?  (Would the review effort
>      be equal to the effort to add them though?)
> I'm partly surprised that no language binding to date has required them.

Well, it's not necessary for JS/Python/C++/Java which is
a pretty wide swath there.  

Note there are two levels here - whether they appear in the .gir
or that and the .typelib.  I think the Vala people (who do want
nullable/null-ok/allow-none) have been satisfied that they're
just in the .gir.

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