Re: Why keysym constants in gdk/gdkkeysyms.h are defined as macros, not as an enum?

On 06/26/2012 07:57 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 11:10 AM, Mark Vender <markv743 yahoo co uk> wrote:

It's impossible for an application to break when enum values are added. They
end up as integers within the code anyway and unless their values change,
API/ABI stays the same.

I could think of some ways. But anyway, the keysyms are defines
because that's how they were done initially, and there's no compelling
reason to change it.

Well, using enums would make wrapping keysyms much easier on the gtkmm side. Currently the only possible solution is to parse gdkkeysyms.h using a script similar to

What I don't understand is why a patch must necessarily demonstrate a
big improvement. I'm suggesting only to change

#define GDK_KEY_***


typedef enum {
     GDK_KEY_*** = ***,
} GdkKeySym;

which has no chance of negative effects. Even if we add values, they are still stored in an int, that is, GdkKeySym is never used. Thus, in my opinion, even a small improvement is worthwhile.


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