Question about the state of development of GTK+ 3.5/3.6+


I was wondering about the recent works on accessibility, in particular the part regarding the new hard dependency on atk-bridge-2.0, which I presume to be a "new" library if I read correctly from

It seems to me that it is something that depends on AT-SPI (please correct me if I am mistaken here at any point), which is something that seems to be Linux/*nix only. What I would like to know-is there a change on the multi-platform (Windows/Mac/*nix) support for GTK+, or it is something that is new for the development of the toolkit on *nix only? By no means of disrespect, and I do not mean to over-exaggerate here, I think it would be a pity if GTK+ becomes *nix only, especially after it had come a long, long way to work well on various non-*nix platforms by the hard work of many people in the past-especially when GTK+-3.4.x would be
the first GTK+-3.x stable release that works well on Windows, for example.

p.s. I do understand that there is an initiative [1] to support UIA for GNOME/GTK+ on Windows, but most probably it would take time to do even when one is able to build that without legal concerns using Visual C++ in conjunction with the Windows SDK, in which I try my best to ensure that the GTK+ stack can be built with Visual C++ entirely on Windows.


Thank you-I wanted to say thank you for the hard work into this great toolkit anyways, with blessings!

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