GTK+ meetup at Guadec


the GTK+ people that are present here in A Coruna had a somewhat
spontaneous meetup this morning to talk about all things GTK+. While
we've had bigger GTK+ meetings in the past, the sky is not falling -
don't believe everything you read on the internet...

We've made a number of concrete decisions to keep things moving:

- We will restart semi-regular irc meetings (Emmanuele and I will see to it)

- We want to discuss major API proposals or wishes (eg new widgets) on
this mailing list, instead of just in bugzilla. The API review should
be a shared responsibility and not fall on a single persons shoulders

- We want to put together a 'subsystems / maintainers' matrix on the
wiki, so people know who to approach, or what parts of GTK+ need care
and love (because there's no currently active maintainer). (Emmanuele
is going to start this)

- We need to document how one extends GTK+ itself (eg how to create a
new widget class), to make it easier for new people to get involved
(I'll try to get this started)

- Roadmap: we need one, and we need to update it to reflect our path
forward in much more detail than the current one does
( We'll work on this in the near

Another bit of information that I'm happy to pass on: Canonical is
looking to hire a GTK+ developer. If you think that could be sometihng
for you, make yourself known


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