building Glib-2.32.4 with mingw

Now that I was able to build all the components up to and including gtk3,
I tried starting over so I could clean up my notes to be sure that I got
the notes right.  I noticed that glib-2.32.4 had been released since I
started this with glib-2.32.2.  I thought I would try it but found that
make fails with an error about an XDG item not being defined (I don't have
the notes handy at the moment).  From what I could find with Google, it
appears that I now need a item called xdg-utils.  Am
I correct about that?  I tried to get it but
seems to be really messed up.  Most of the links are broken.

So, I have two questions:
1.  do I need xdg-utils or portland to build glib-2.32.4?
2.  if I do need item 1, does anyone know where else besides
    freedesktop can I find it?

Damon Register

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