Wiki page on assorted GtkTreeView ideas and old work in progress patches

Hi all,

For quite a long time now, I have been wanting to put all ideas for
improving GtkTreeView that I collected over the years at a central
place, instead of having this scattered over sheets of paper which are
not of use to others. Finally, I found time to do this. In the past, I
have also already experimented with some of these ideas, which
resulted in work in progress patches. I managed to dig up these
patches and have attached them to the wiki. Beware, the patches were
work in progress patches and are also outdated by now, but still they
bring the main ideas across.  Most notably, patches are included for a
functioning and mostly complete "simple list wrapper class", my
experiment with removing validation from GtkTreeView and resorting to
estimated scrollbars (contrary to exact scrollbars), and my work in
progress of a proper multi-row DnD API.

The page can be found at GNOME Live:

I no longer plan to work on these ideas and patches, so it is really
for information purposes and such that it does not get lost.  And
hopefully, also to the inspiration of others.



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