Re: RFC: new features

On Jan 12, 2012, at 3:32 AM, Paolo Borelli wrote:

> Benjamin Otte <otte <at>> writes:
>> One thing I've been wondering about is what features GTK is missing.
>> This is mostly about developer-visible APIs, ie new widgets, and not
>> about internal changes. I have some ideas from IRC discussions, mails
>> and applications, but of course there might be big things I'm missing.
> A full undo/redo stack may belong in glib, but I'd be happy enough if TextView
> and TextEntry supported it
> Once again, a full spell checking api may belong in glib, but I'd be happy
> enough to have it in gtk and easily enabled for TextView and TextEntry

It already exists as an add-on package:
It works quite well, and has recently been revived under a new maintainer after languishing for a couple of years.

John Ralls

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