Re: Multitouch review 2: press-and-hold

>> Questions, comments:
>> - This is almost convenience api - except for the interaction with
>> event capture, every widget could do this itself with a timeout and a
>> handrolled animation. But having this supported consistently across
>> the desktop seems well worth it. The branch add press-and-hold support
>> for the context menus in entries, labels and textviews.
>> - I wonder what happens on a multi-touch system - if I touch and hold
>> 2 buttons, do I get two press-and-hold animations at the same time,
>> with 2 context menus popping up in the end ?
> Hm, right, I meant to have it work only for the touch sequence that
> emulates pointer events, but forgot to do this change.

I do wonder though what a "right click" would be for a pure touch events and
how there can be consistency on such touch-and-hold events. Would this add
too much pointer semantics to a touch event?


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