Re: Glib question: Is PCRE in some intermediate state?

On 30 Nov 2012, at 17:10, John Emmas wrote:

> BUT....  are the "symbols" files up to date?  For example 'glib.symbols' gets used to generate 'glib.def' which, in turn, determines which functions get exported from my DLL.  If any of the symbols files are out-of-date I guess that might screw things up eventually.

Sadly, it looks like there are several discrepancies between 'glib.symbols' and 'glib.vcproj'.

For example - all functions in the 'variant' family (for example, g_variant_type_new) are included in the symbols file but the relevant modules aren't included in the VC project (modules such as glib/gvariant-core.c and glib/gvariant-parser.c etc).  However, it looks like those modules were included at some point in the past.  So which is correct?  The symbols file or the latest project file?

Working on the theory that even deprecated functions will never get excluded from the DLL, I'll assume that I need to add those modules back to glib.vcproj.

Unless someone has some better advice...?


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