Re: Print Dialog / Improving "Print to file" option [DONE]

Just for the record, i was looking for: GTK_WINDOW(gtk_widget_get_toplevel(GTK_WIDGET(widget)))

Anyway, I managed to build a patch. I have created a bug report for it, see here:

The patch could still be improved by placing the options box below the radio buttons for the file type.


P.S: If this could land in 3.6 that would be absolutely awesome

On 17/08/12 22:59, Lanoxx wrote:
In file gtkprinteroptionwidget.c:710
static void
construct_widgets (GtkPrinterOptionWidget *widget)
is there some way to get a pointer to the parent widget, that is to the whole print dialog? As I understand it, GtkPrinterOptionWidget is only the pointer to the option section, right?

On 16/08/12 00:11, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
On 08/15/2012 04:08 PM, Lanoxx wrote:

Then the filename says output.pdf which any sane person will probably want to change. So I have to type the file name and then also add .pdf again and finally I can click "Print".
So my question is, if this comes from Gnome or from Ubuntu so I can create a bug in the right bug tracker for this, and maybe someone could also point me to the code for the "Print to File" Options. Maybe I could even fix this myself.
It's in GTK+ and should be filed in the printing component.

Just file a bug about the issue, attach a screenshot and provide a patch.

There is already a bug open about the default name and location here:
- Andreas
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