Re: deprecating gdk threads

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 3:54 PM, Stef Walter <stefw gnome org> wrote:
On 08/06/2012 05:56 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> i don't believe that there are any examples in glib/gdk/gtk where a
> signal handler attached to a signal of a glib/gdk/gtk object will be
> executed in anything other than the main event loop.

Does GIO count? Off the top of my head:

 * GDBusInterfaceSkeleton::g-authorize-method
 * GCancellable::cancelled (when used with a sync function)

... and I'm pretty sure there's more ...

i don't know if these are handled in the main event loop always, or by default, or never. my guess would be that in most cases they would be handled by the main event loop (thread), and so there is no issue (or a very different issure)

but again, i direct your attention back to the title of the thread. this is not about "can you use threads with glib or gdk or gobject signals?". it is specifically about removing explicit thread synchronization from GDK ...

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