Re: g_rename() problem on Windows (and suggested remedy)

On 31 Mar 2012, at 18:55, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

> The appropriate thing to do next would be to create a patch against glib
> git master, open a bug report in gnome bugzilla (if one does not exist
> for the g_rename() issue yet, please try to search for an existing bug first)
> and then attach your proposed patch there:

Thanks Tristan,

As it happens, I don't have git installed on Windows but I did search gnome bugzilla today and found 3 mentions of g_rename (non of which were related to this one).

In essence, what I've done is to change the functions g_open(), g_creat() and g_fopen().  The function signatures haven't changed but the code itself is near enough unrecognisable from what was there before.  So maybe I can just post those 3 new functions in their entirety?


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