Re: Fwd: Plans for GTK+ Bundles for win32 and =?UTF-8?Q?win=36=34=3F?=

On Fri, 09 Sep 2011 00:12:09 +1200, John Stowers wrote:
It takes a "build description" file like:
downloads required files, extracts them, applies transformations if
repacks, etc until finally a .msi is produced.

It is currently capable of packaging zips from and also
distutils generated .msi files (for PyCairo, PyGTK, PyGObject, etc).
Cleaning this up and making it more generic and easier to use is
I've been wanting to do for a long time now...


note: these are my uninformed ideas, I have not actually seen the
implementation for the methods you describe...

I think JHBuild is *almost* able to do this itself. If the binary/zip
module type patch was applied to JHbuild then I think this would not be
too much work to complete.

Wasn't the binary/zip module type patch rejected some time ago? Or maybe
not rejected perse, maybe there was just a heated discussion around
it, I don't remember. Anyway, personally, I'd prefer to have separate
a) build tool and b) packaging tool. The intermediate format doesn't
matter much (zip, msi, rpm, ...).

AIUI JHbuild now tracks installed files and can create a manifest. This manifest + JHbuild supporting binary/zip module types would give you all
the meta information to write msi/wix/nsi installers.

Looks like I have some studying to do :)


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