Re: About gsettings aborting on unkown schemas

2011/5/27 Milan Bouchet-Valat <nalimilan club fr>
Le vendredi 27 mai 2011 à 08:51 -0700, Hubert Figuiere a écrit :
> First, if the UI file is missing the application does not abort. There
> is an error but it can be handled by the application, and eventually
> recovered gracefuly. I deleted all the UI files and my app didn't crash.
> Sure it was not very functional but I actually had the opportunity to
> show a proper error message to the user. Not a crash.
That's already what you get:
   g_error ("Settings schema '%s' is not installed\n", name);

I really can't imagine what you could do from a program missing its
schemas, except if you hardcode (i.e. duplicate) all default values in
the code to handle this broken case

This is true for a single application with no plugin (crappy plugins?) hierarchy.
But with plugins, you need to prevent youself from crashing because plugins
do not make the whole application unusable!

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