dconf release strategy


I recently released dconf 0.7.4 which mixed bug fixes with a pair of
major enhancements.  Many distributions were quick to package it due to
the bug fix part.

It turns out that one of the enhancements contained a trivial bug with a
rather extreme result.  That's fixed now and I plan to have a 0.7.5 out

The incident has convinced me that dconf needs a more credible release
strategy.  The core of the problem is the fact that there is only one
branch of development and that feature additions and bug fixes are
happening on the same branch (and landing in the same releases).

My plan going forward is as follows:

  - 0.8 will be released soonish containing the fix for my mistake and
    some other bugfixes collected from bugzilla.  It will be a stable
    branch with only bugfixes.

  - I will branch 0.9 and do new feature work there.

  - I will try to keep the usual even/odd approach roughly in synch with
    the GNOME release cycle (which will automatically place it in synch
    with the cycles of many distributions).  This is only a loose
    synchronisation but I will try to keep people's needs in mind.

Sorry for the mistake.  Hopefully this new approach will prevent it from
happening again.


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