Re: glib cross compile

On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 12:46:14AM +0530, pushparaj muthu wrote:
> Iam trying to cross compile glib package for arm process  by executing the
> following command.
> ./configure --prefix =/home/glib/install  --host=linux-arm --build=i686 --cache-file=arm_cache.conf

Note that --prefix specifies where the software lives at *runtime*, not
at compile time. If you just want to install to a temporary place, use

$ make install DESTDIR=<some-dir>

> Iam getting error in configuration that configure: error: glib-compile-schemas
> not found.

I suggest that if you are not familiar with the deeper details of cross
compiling, either get a copy of the autotool book or use one of the
excellent build systems (i.e. ptxdist, buildroot, oe).

With ptxdist, building glib is a easy as

$ ptxdist menuconfig

(select everything you need)

$ ptxdist targetinstall glib

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