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Hi Alex,

On Fri, 2011-03-25 at 12:28 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I had a look, and its not true that none take the lock, they just call
> gdk_threads_enter() directly, not the GDK_THREADS_ENTER macro. However,
> there were quite a few places that had it missing.

	Ah - fair enough; I wasn't looking for that - glad its not quite as bad
as expected. I did some spot checks on directory monitoring as well
(which is ultimately what this is about) and didn't see much there.

> I'm attaching patches for Gtk+ 2 and 3 (bugzilla is down atm). These are
> kinda tricky as its hard to really test them. Would be nice with some
> more review of them.

	Right - it is a pain to test; so for me I can crash this repeatably
100% of the time; simply run the attached "Libreoffice compilation
simulator". Then launch Libreoffice, and do File->Save As [ just gives
you a file-selector ], browse to /tmp - do a bit of file-name typeahead
for good measure, then scroll to the bottom of the list of files in /tmp
[ I have around ~1200 files in /tmp as a matter of course ], and start
scrolling up - after a few seconds of fiddling there I get this assert
failure. I'll build a package to test your patch in a second too.

	Interestingly, my Evolution (which regularly is used to save to /tmp)
but which had no file selector open got some impressive memory
corruption (around the file-selector, sudden loss of all its bookmarks,
partial tree, broken file-selector behaviour), just running on another
desktop and not being interacted with by running this ;-) [ I really
think we leak / have some notification still active when the
file-selector is closed FWIW, possibly an evo bug - not cleaning up the
widget properly ].

	Anyhow - thanks so much for having a look & patching it :-)



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