Re: Full glib porting onto Android


On 03/23/2011 10:37 AM, Shuxiang Lim wrote:
    Recently I've been trying on a Android porting work for a project
which has which uses glibs-2.22+ including
libglib/libgio/libgthread/libgmodule. Other than using the
already-on android/bluetooth/glib with only libglib-2.20 built, I have
managed to hack by my own for a full glib porting.
    I hope such work will be enrolled into master-glib.
    N.B, this hacking is based on glib-2.28.1 and is still raw and
unstable,be care of use!
    Any correcting and improving is appreciated!

I think you would have more chances of getting this patch seen and reviewed by attaching it to bugzilla (component glib).


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