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I just opened bug #644611 about deprecating G_CONST_RETURN.

After discussing this with Matthias on IRC, it is our intention to phase out use of this macro in our platform. The usual way that we would do that is by removing our own use of it and marking it as deprecated (and guard its definition with the usual G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED check).

Unfortunately, the macro appears very widely in the headers of many of our platform libraries. If an application using G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED #includes one such header, their build is broken. That would impact... well, just about everyone.

For this reason, we've decided to 'take it slowly'. The current plan is to remove uses of the macro from glib and gtk+ and add a notice about the pending deprecation to the documentation. The next few months will serve as a 'grace period' for other libraries to clean up their headers. After that, we will introduce the deprecation in the usual way and deal with the (hopefully reduced) fallout.


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