Re: Sliders and marks

Am 02.03.2011 15:11, schrieb Bastien Nocera:
> Heya,
> Looking at bug and the
> original we figured
> that it would be best for sliders to point to their marks instead of
> trying to add labels on the end of scales.
> This is Jakub's mockup:
> And my current implementation:
> The problem is that GtkScale allows for the marks to be placed above or
> below scales, and that you can add one mark above, and one below.
> I've already added a GTK_STYLE_CLASS_SCALE_HAS_MARKS class to gtk+,
> GTK_STYLE_CLASS_SCALE_HAS_MARKS_ABOVE instead, and make the theming
> engine do something special in the cases where all the marks are on one
> particular side of the scale?
> Do we want to handle vertical scales with marks as well? Are those used
> at all?

One use-case I would like to use them for are volume sliders with a db-scale.

Having left and right or top and bottom marks at the same time sounds like a
corner case (e.g. a temperature slider with C and F marks).


> Ideas welcome.
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